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Free Get on - Get Off  

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Beats your heart more for the cute Thai girl

Get on the dating or love bus and get off when it suits you, completely free. - No subscription - no binding - no payment.

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Looking for a sweet travel companion for luxury cruises in the Caribbean

Get a travel buddy » You can create your dating profile and find a girlfriend for free, and you can close the profile again at any time, pause your profile, or completely delete EVERYTHING and ALL the data you have entered in connection with your dating profile. You can also delete all photos and ALL posts you have written, you can delete ALL tracks and your entire Smiling Dating at any time profile in total. and you will leave absolutely no trace

Like when you're on a 'Hop on Hop off' tourist bus in London, - you decide for yourself how - when - how long and how much, it's our whole concept - You decide for yourself, - it is completely free and you can get off and delete all tracks when you've found a girlfriend or when it suits you.

Maybe you're just for a short romance for fun?, then you have the opportunity to get off when it suits you.

Create your free profile »

Are you invited? allows you to 'invite' one you 'just have a good eye for', to date with you, even people who do not have a dating profile at smiling dating.

Love wanted

If you have the person's name and Email address, , (or update your contact list with the e-mail address of the guy you really like) then smilingDating will send a discreet invitation and a bouquet of red roses in his - her mailbox.

It's not just teenagers who make contact and find love that way.

You may want to make someone you know aware that you are turning on him / her and would like to invite him / her to dating. -
or maybe you want a cute and a loving partner for your next 6 star luxury cruise

Choose the nationality that suits you best, Europe - Spanin - Dating Africa - - Russia - Theiland - Asia or choose your partner dating boyfriend here